About Us

Welcome to FlipTurnTags!  This is a fun little shop that specializes in tags for bags, phones, keys, cars, people...whatever needs a tag!  I create and design all of my own products and love to add personalization to anything in my store.  Communicating with my customers is my favorite part of the process...I love to take an idea and through input, make a personal tag for any occasion.  I am the proverbial swim mom, and came up with the idea for my shop after seeing laminated tags get ruined, over time, from water and wear and tear.  I wanted to create a product that was durable and looked great hanging off a bag of luggage.  We have grown and expanded beyond bag tags, now offering a large variety of custom products, from coffee mugs to pillow cases and a multitude of items between!

Though my store is filled with ideas for tags, I also love new ideas or logos for your team or business.  I have worked with individuals and large groups, from an order of 1 tag all the way up to 2500 tags and I designed, manufactured and shipped all from my home.  I will work closely with you to make sure the tag you are getting is exactly what you are looking for, from the background, to the font, to the image,  and the logo.

The process I use is called sublimation and the finished product is a plastic, high gloss tag with the image permanently bonded to the plastic.

I do offer discounts to larger orders with the same design.  I also offer multiple colors for the loop that attaches the tag to the bag.